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Brunches, Dinners, Parties and More: The Nile Ritz-Carlton is Going All Out for the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to Be Ritzy.

The Nile RItz Carlton

We're always a little less grumpy around Christmas time and it isn't just because of the Christmas cheer and the New Year's partying we'll be doing. It's the overall vibe with everyone being merrier, spending time with family and friends and, lest we forget, all the gifts we get to look forward to. This year, the Nile Ritz-Carlton is making it extra special and they're going all out to get the whole family in a festive mood and make sure they remain that way. The Downtown hotel is bringing us everything from brunches, to parties, to romantic dinners and macaroon festivals. Feast your eyes...


Vivo's got us covered for both Christmas and New Year's. If you're looking for a romantic holiday, the Italian restaurant's offering a four-course meal for Christmas Day and a Christmas dinner prepared special by Chef Carmine Di Luggo. You'll get to enjoy an authentic Italian meal while overlooking the Nile. They've not forgotten about New Year's either where the chefs at Vivo will be preparing a feast to start the New Year's on a delicious note with a six-course meal. 

Price per person for Christmas Day Lunch: EGP 850 ++ 

Price per person for Christmas dinner: EGP 950 ++ (including a glass of sparkling wine)

Price per person for New Year's dinner: EGP 1300 ++ (including a glass of sparkling wine)


Once you're done with your New Year's dinner at Vivo, drop by Bar’ Oro. They've got quite the night planned for you if your date doesn’t end up going as planned or even if it does. Having prepared festive cocktails just for the occasion and a DJ to keep you partying all night, this is how to start the New Year in style. 

Price per person for New Year's: EGP 1300 ++

Bab El-Sharq 

What’s Christmas without a feast, right? The Nile Ritz-Carlton’s got a Christmas Eve dinner planned where we get to take in gorgeous views of the Egyptian Museum while indulging in oriental delicacies with an a la carte menu at Bab El-Sharq. Immersing us in the full Oriental experience, they've got a belly dancer and an live band to give us a very Arabian Christmas, if you will. If you didn't make it for Christmas, make sure to be there to welcome 2019 for their New Year's Eve in Arabia which will feature an extravagant belly dancing show and an Oriental dinner buffet.

Price per person for Christmas dinner: EGP 1,280 ++

Price per person for New Year's dinner: EGP 1,200 ++ 


Did we hear turkey, steak, egg stations and BBQ? Yup, Culina is throwing a Christmas brunch for those of us who like starting our partying earlier in the day (that doesn't mean we won't be partying at night too, though). The restaurant is also offering a bunch if activities for the kids and live jazz to boorr. If brunch isn't your thing, Culina will be hosting a Christmas lunch buffet, where we hear Santa might be popping by.

Price per person for Christmas brunch: EGP 590 ++

Price per person for Christmas lunch: EGP 450 ++


For the young at heart, Nox's got something planned for every occasion. For their Christmas Wonderland event they'll be serving up an a la carte menu with live entertainment including a heartu DJ line-up and one or two other special performances. For New Year's, the rooftop club which is offering three sharing appetisers and desserts and a belly dancer, DJ and more surprise acts. You need to reserve your table early though. 

Price per person for Christmas Wonderland: EGP 1,100 ++ (all inclusive)

Price per person for Christmas lunch: EGP 850 ++


The Nile Ritz Carlton's pool bar is ushering in the new year on a calmer note with a Jazz and tapas night. They've got a range of New Year's cocktails for us to try while we finally bid 2018 a long overdue goodbye to the beats of the DJ. 

Price per person for New Year's: EGP 550 ++

Lobby Lounge & Ritz Bar

For something decidedly more chill, on New Year's Eve, hotel favourites, The Trio Band, are serving up some jolly servings of live jazz at both the Lobby Lounge and Ritz Bar. For those of us with a sweet tooth, the Nile Ritz Carlton's Sweet boutique has got a range of delicious Christmas goodies including cookies, ginger bread houses and their signature Christmas log cake. They're open all day so drop by anytime. To keep you warm, their famous hot chocolate concoctions are also making a comeback this Christmas with delicious toppings like marshmallows. And if you're not feeling being nice this season, you can order the traditional naughty chocolate where they've added a little extra something to give it a kick (a shot of liquor is what they added, in case you didn't get that). Maybe indulge in a few macaroons as well with their Christmas macaroon festival where Santa will be making an appearance. 

For more information, check out The Nile Ritz-Carlton on Facebook and Instagram.

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