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Zamalek's Orangette Just Got a Facelift

Immerse yourself in these orangey vibes and come taste the difference.


In the heart of Zamalek lies a place with an orange hue, one which most Cairenes have either been to or at least seen as they exit the island. 

Orangette, a cute restaurant and café that serves some real quality food and coffee has gone through a major transformation and now has a completely new look and feel to it.


One thing that remains the same is the cozy and welcoming vibe, however the place has seen it's indoor design as well as its menu rebuilt from scratch. “Orange is the happiest color”, claimed the legendary Frank Sinatra, and just a couple of steps into this place will be enough to agree with the notorious jazz artist. The orange hue truly gives off a joyous atmosphere, and a kind of elegant classiness that’s not over the top and pretentious.  


It’s not just the design that has gone through a major overhaul, they’ve updated their menu as well, and Orangette is more than ready for all you boys and gals to really come taste the difference. Many claim their steak is second to none, and even the best in Egypt. We’ll let you be the judge. It’s not just the steak though - Orangette is committed to serving excellent quality food, and you can just tell that these are not dishes that are frozen, or have gone through the microwave. Everything here is so fresh so clean, and it’s easy to tell.


This place isn’t one you just come to have an amazing meal at and then immediately head home; the friendly orange hues will keep you stuck to your seat and socializing for a while, smoking shisha with the gang, as can be seen with the stream of regulars at Orangette who have essentially made it their second home.

The good folk at Orangette also provide delivery, so don’t worry if you’re curled up on the couch and fantasizing about their Nutella waffle. Just pick up the phone and turn that fantasy into reality.

Check out Orangette on Facebook.

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