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Porto New Cairo is Now Fully Functional and Looks Rather Fab

55,000m2 of luxury livin' in the heart of the Fifth Settlement.

How many stories have you heard about a nice young Egyptian couple handing over their life savings for an under-construction apartment or villa, only to find the delivery date pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed?

Egyptians aren’t the best at time management, of course, but one of the biggest residential compounds in New Cairo has, seemingly in no time, already opened its doors to its new residents. We speak of the gargantuan playground that is Porto New Cairo, which welcomed its first 100 homeowners this week and is set to deliver more units in the coming weeks and months.

Conceived with putting place a new approach to day-to-day life, Porto New Cairo seems like a self-sufficient city of its own, anchored by its skyline-defining five towers, which you can see as from as far as the very tip of Road 90. Four of the towers are ready for action, while the last is still under construction. 

Stretching across over 55,000 m2, the residential and recreational hub is quite the pretty picture, boasting an impressive 130 shops, a huge two-floor mall that covers 45,000 m2 and features some of the biggest names in food and drink, a multi-screen cinema complex, a huge food court, a kids’ area and hyper market, as well swimming pools, sports facilities and open recreational parks and spaces that utilise expertly designed landscape – the kind you’d want to paint on a quiet, sunny afternoon. Think organic-looking, sun-kissed, emerald green forestry as far as the eye can see.

On the drier business side of things, you needn’t look further than the fact that, since its inception, Porto New Cairo’s units have doubled in price. Thought the Porto name carries weight in Egypt and abroad, Porto New Cairo has become a whole beast of its own in melding together the kind of amenities and practicalities you need day-to-day, with the kind of luxury we so crave.

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