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Egyptian MP Demands Ban on Niqab in the Workplace

MP Ghada Agamy says there's nothing positive when it comes to the Niqab.

niqab egypt

Ghada Agamy, a Member of Parliament and of the Foreign Relations Committee of the House of Representatives, stated her opinion that the government in Egypt should ban women from wearing a full-face veil in the governmental workplace.

Agamy said that the Government and the House of Representatives should execute the ban on the niqab as soon as possible, coming on the increasing dangers that come with the full-face veil.

"Security troubles in Egypt are accelerating these bold decisions in light of attempts to target state institutions and increasing criminal and terrorist crime rates," Agamy reportedly said. "The negatives of the full-face veil are numerous and no longer compared to any positives."

She also commented on Algeria's recent move to ban the niqab, saying that it was "courageous" of them to do so, and should be a good model for other countries to follow.

Main image from The New Arab.