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Ramaroof: The New Rooftop Ramadan Concept Serving Live Music and Standup for Sohour

Get ready to fill your sohour bellies with more than just food every weekend this Ramadan.


Okay so, the holy month is here and everyone is obviously making sure that they do their best to give back to those in need, avoid 3ozoomet Tant Mervat, and most importantly, finding the new IT spot for sohour. This is where Ramaroof comes in.

Unicorn Garden has decided to join forces with entertainment fiends ADHD Events. Why, you ask? To make this Ramadan a special one, of course, by giving birth to Ramaroof, this month’s most unconventional ‘kheima’ that will make all your sohour dreams come true. And before you think we’re talking about tanoura shows, oud performances or some new konafa creation with avocados, we aren’t.

The new sohour concept will take place every weekend starting Thursday 16th of May, with every day focusing on something entirely different. Thursdays will strictly be reserved for you to literally LOL, as Ramalaugh takes over with a slew of standup comedy shows. Fridays will be all about Ramajam, where our sister site, SceneNoise, bring some of the country’s top artists to perform for your entertainment. Last but not least, Saturdays are going to focus on Ramachill, where you’ll be expected to do nothing other than, well, chill – and play card games and backgammon. Lou’s Food Corner is also going to be in charge of the food so you know your taste buds are going to be just as happy as your belly is going to be full and ready for the next day of fasting.

Week one for Ramalaugh will see funnyman Abdoul Ali dropping some comedy bombs, whilst Ramajam will have indie folk princess Youssra El Hawary, downtempo electronic group Mauve and contemporary Egyptian band Dokkan take over the Unicorn Garden rooftop.

Oh, and a little birdie also told us that Ramaroof will be opening their doors to a few select guests to mark their arrival to the RamaScene (see what we did there?) this Wednesday.

For reservations contact +201021672130 or check out their Facebook and Instagram for more details on the events.