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Red Sea Protectorates Band Together To Save Egypt's Coral Reefs

An Egyptian Initiative Is Saving Egypt's Coral Reef of its plastic epidemic.

The red sea protectorates have recently launched the Protect the Sea from Plastic campaign, in response to warnings from the UN about the extreme dangers of the synthetic material being thrown in the sea, El Masry El Yom reports.

Paying heed to the strict report of pollution’s damage on the coral reef, the new initiative will be commencing its work in Wadi El Jemal and plans to tackle issues of pollution in several other diving spots and beaches in the aforementioned area, until they are completely bare of plastic waste.

Director of the red sea protectorates, Dr.Ahmed Ghaleb infers that Egypt will be witnessing a plastic-free 2018 on all of Wadi El Jemal’s shores and beaches. Suggestions of replacing plastic bags in restaurants and stores within the area are also currently being taken into consideration by the red sea governorate.

Acknowledging the significant amount of tourism brought in by divers visiting Egypt for its renowned diving spots, Shabab Betheb Masr is an organization working towards protecting the sanctity of the red sea. They are collaborating with the red sea protectorates to save Egypt’s coral reefs.

"You must protect this untouched beauty for the coming generation, it is an untold wealth of national and economic pride,” is the slogan released by the red sea protectorates in reaction to the UN warnings about the damage done to the coral reefs.