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Parliamentarian Proposes Shaving off Hair as Punishment for Sexual Harassment

A 50-year-old form of “punishment” like a clean shave is surely the solution.

In what can only be described as a cry for a parliament reshuffle, parliamentarian Ghada Agami has brought into light an effective and novel punitive measure for those accused of sexual harassment; a fresh (and free) buzz cut.

Folks back in the 60’s used to shave off sexual harassers’ hair completely as a form of public shaming.  How effective was it? Well if today was any indication, not very much. Aside from doling out free (shameful) haircuts, Agami has also suggested having roving gangs street patrols running around town, in an effort to put an end to sexual harassment. Perhaps somebody should pass her a memo about how effective having gangs of people policing others proved to be over the centuries.

This, of course, comes at a particularly heated point in Egypt’s storied history; over the past month alone, two heavily publicized examples of sexual harassment had shaken the entire world as we know it. One being the “On the Run” incident, and another revolving around the murder of a man trying to protect his wife from a harasser.  

Only time will tell if the country will ever take the matters of harassment, public indecency and gross violation of privacy as seriously as others have.