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The World's Largest and Fastest Yacht Has Just Arrived in Hurghada

The yacht can host a total of 19 persons onboard. That's an entire cast of an MTV reality show.

Silver Fast Yacht Egypt

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes size does matter especially when it comes to vessels of the sea, as residents of Hurghada will tell you after the arrival of the colossal and rather sexy Silver Fast, as reported by Egypt Today - the world's largest and fastest yacht in existence.

Image: Egypt Today

The Silver Fast won the title of the largest and fastest yacht in the world at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, according to the Maritime Port Management Office, and was designed by Espen Øino and made by Australian company, Fast. The yacht is a massive 77m (252.6 ft) long and and can reach speeds of up to 27 knots, making it the largest and fastest motor yacht with conventional propulsion. But wait - there are more impressive numbers.

The Silver Fast can host up to 12 guests in eight rooms as part of an interior that includes a master suite, three VIP staterooms, one double cabin and three twin cabins. The yacht can host a total of 19 persons on-board for the champagne lifestyle gatherings we all dream about. But wait - there's even more.

The sun deck features an outdoor cinema, a glass-fronted 8 person jacuzzi, entertainment equipment and full spa area including sauna, steam room, gym, massage room and beauty salon.

The price of the the yacht now stands at a staggering 66.5 million - which after a €13 million price drop.

Why it has ported in Hurghada is a mystery that has locals furiously scratching their chins and heads. Is it carrying a VIP traveller? Maybe it's in town for a sale. Whatever the case, it has certainly turned heads and peaked the curiosity of boat aficionados across the country.

Main Image: RobbReport
Other Images: Boat International