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This Egyptian Jewellery Brands Makes Quirky Statement Pieces Out of Local Traditions

From calligraphy, to the evil eye, to tannoura dancers.

Moon Silver Accesories

It's no secret that a stand out piece is all it takes to make any outfit pop and we've found a whole bunch of them with Egyptian silver brand, Moon Silver. Having launched in the latter half of this year, the accessories brand finds inspiration in Egyptian heritage and tradition and founder and designer, Nour Omar, uses everything from Arabic calligraphy, to the symbolic evil eye, to the tanoura, to Middle Eastern patterns.

Though it operates as Instagram account, Nour hopes to one day expand into a physical store to house her handmade pieces, which use 925 sterling silver.

"I wanted to create pieces that were completely different than what you'd usually find," she says, while citing Azza Fahmy as her favourite local designer.

She also, however, looks further ashore for some of her pieces, including Turkey. "Most of the designs are influenced by Egypt, but I do have a few from abroad. With my own pieces, nothing is off the table in terms of design,” she explains. “I find inspiration everywhere and in everything around me. Sometimes I’ll find inspiration in place like El Hussein because that’s close to where my workshop is.”

Nour doesn't shy away from creating pieces that some may view as over-the-top when turning her vision into a reality. Instead she manages to incorporate Egyptian symbols and emblems into one stand-out piece that's sure to set you apart from the crowd. One of the designer's favourite pieces is made up of a selection of cultural emblems, with everything from the evil eye, to Fatma's hand, to Quranic verses.

"I created a necklace, for example, where I added all the elements that pertain to the Egyptian notion of 7assad so it has the blue bead, it has scissors and a few other symbols. I have another ring that I love and it's basically the tanoora which used to be called darwish in Egypt." 

Check out Moon Silver on Instagram.