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The Bartender is Upping the Drinking Game in Gouna

The man who mixes drinks like magic and has perfected the art of flair bartending, Ray AlRamahi, is now opening a bar in Gouna! The new spot, The Bartender, promises to be a crazy experience...

A while back, our office was visited by Ray AlRamahi – for an interview. The renowned bartender then proceeded to set up an entire full-blown bar in the office, and started whipping up some of his signature crazy, colourful, delicious concoctions for us, all the while flipping bottles, and tossing cups and doing his general flair bartending thing. Needless to say, little in our work lives has managed to top that day.

Now, the man who has literally changed the face of bartending in Egypt, is upping the ante once again with a brand spanking new bar set to open in that place of seaside frolics and nocturnal antics, Gouna. For years, the bartender has been a staple of the Cairo party scene, taking over bars nationwide for nights filled with some of his wickedly good cocktails and his tricks behind the bar, gaining a reputation along the way for making the best damn drinks in town and keeping the entire crowd entertained while he does it. His new bar in Gouna, aptly called The Bartender, will reflect all that. “I’ve gotten to the point where I want to take the game to another level,” AlRamahi tell us. And The Bartender will be doing just that. Focusing on perfecting the art of mixology and showcasing some kickass flair bartending, the place is preparing to deliver an unparalleled “new, unique, crazy experience.”

Located in The Captain’s Inn, the spot will feature an indoor bar, which he calls “cosy and sexy” and an outdoor bar, complete with giant rainbow-hued barrels, that spills onto the street. “The counter is right on the street and we’ll be holding flair bartending competitions live on the street!” AlRamahi tells us excitedly. An evening at The Bartender doesn’t stop at the drinks; it comes with a whole darn show. It’s the spot to get you pumped up for the whole night. “It will be more of a pre-party place, where you get the perfect start to your night,” AlRamahi explains, “We’re bringing in bartenders from all over the world, we’re going to have great mixology, delicious recipes, we’re having flair bartending competitions…and we have some more crazy ideas up our sleeves!” While he can’t give it away just yet, we’d bet our bottom dollar that it’s going to be good. Considering the track record of Ray and his team of bringing the magic to a party, we have no doubt he’ll be doing that with The Bartender as well. “Kollena maganeen,” he adds with a laugh. We’re expecting a lot of madness from this spot.

But it’s not style over substance; the bar wants to ensure you get your money’s worth. Instead of ordering a tasteless, badly mixed drink, you get alcoholic art form. Plus you can ask for the same cocktail with local or imported alcohol. “You get the option – it depends on how much you want to spend! But whatever you want, I’m with you,” AlRamahi tells us.

Between the entertainment value, the cool décor, and of course, THOSE drinks, we’re psyched to try this place out. “I finally have the chance to complete my dream, with my whole team, and Gouna is THE destination, it’s the coolest place in Egypt,” AlRamahi elaborates.  Stay tuned because they’re flinging open their vodka-soaked doors  April 8th (tomorrow) with their soft opening. Their grand opening will be on May 1st and they've got some tricks up their sleeve...