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valU Provides SODIC with Exclusive Summer Home Finishing Payment Plan

With prices of furnishings and finishings getting more expensive by the day, valU's collaboration with SODIC's seaside compound, Caesar, couldn't come at a better time.

valU Provides SODIC with Exclusive Summer Home Finishing Payment Plan

If there's one thing that Egypt's masses have slowly come to realise in the last few years, it's that interior design and home finishing are an art. As with any artistic endevour, they require vision, precision and freedom that are unfortunately often dictated by finance, an issue that's even more rife when it comes to holiday homes. 

If, however, you happen to be a homeowner at SODIC’s Caesar Compound on the North Coast, you needn’t worry. Egyptian instalment plan provider, valU, is swooping in for the rescue by offering an exclusive home-finishing finance plan of up to EGP 2.4 million, to be paid back over a customisable five year period. The unique collaboration comes as part of valU’s remarkable growth since launching in 2018. In a very short space of time, it has emerged as one of the most innovative fin-tech startups in Egypt and the Middle East, one boasting a remarkably extensive vendor network that encompasses 1,800 locations in everywhere from Cairo, Giza and the Red Sea, to Alexandria, Tanta and Mansoura. But the best is yet to come.

“This program is just the latest in valU’s expansion to all market segments and industries, through collaborating with and innovative customer-centric entities such as SODIC to offer something that no one else can offer,” valU’s CEO, Walid Hassouna, said. “Our comprehensive offerings will continue to expand as we continue to construct relationships with key partners in multiple industries.” 

While valU has been used largely by Egyptians for small and medium purchases, this new partnership with SODIC looks like it could pave the way for a revolutionary new approach to how Egyptians make larger purchases.

For more from valU, check out their official website.

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