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Egypt’s New World Cup Mascot is Pretty Snappy

We’re just glad it’s not a camel…

With the 2018 World Cup just around the corner, Egypt has finally revealed its charming new mascot; a Nile crocodile wearing an Egyptian football T-shirt, and a Pharaonic headdress. Of all the things Egypt is famous for, we’re pretty sure nobody saw the crocodile coming.


The mascot was made by Presentation - which also designed the artwork for the airplane in which the team will be arriving in. It was presented for the first time during the national team’s last training session at the Cairo International Stadium, much to the delight (and probable bewilderment) of Egyptian fans. It was made in agreement with the Egyptian Football Association (EFA).

Why the crocodile? Well, besides the fact that this isn’t just any crocodile – it’s a Nile crocodile – the mascot was chosen because the Nile crocodile is recognised as the second biggest crocodile in the world (don't tell it that to its face though).

Egypt has finally qualified for the World Cup for the first time since 1990, which is pretty big news for a nation that takes its football more seriously than pretty much anything else. However, after Ramos's questionable tussle with Mo just a little while ago left his shoulder in disarray, we are not yet sure whether Salah will be able to make a good-enough recovery by the time of the match between Egypt and Uruguay takes place (here's hoping though). The match is being held in six days’ time on Friday. Salah has yet to speak to press regarding the injury.

Image from Presentation Sports.