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10 Desserts Every Self-Respecting Egyptian Needs to Indulge in This Ramadan

Rice pudding konafa anyone? What about Om Ali Creme Brulee? Here are the 10 incredible desserts that tortina have crafted for you this Ramadan.

Ramadan is a little special to everyone who fasts and who celebrates the Islamic calendar. Even if you don't fast, it's a cultural celebration with many delicious perks. But tortina have made it a little extra special for all of us this year. Not only have they created ten Ramadan desserts for us to devour, they now have a new service called Spot Delivery. Basically you order whatever you want from tortina, tell them how you’ll pay, and then someone will be waiting for you outside your nearest tortina branch with the exact change and your dessert. You don’t have to barge in and wait in queues for something you ordered over the phone because tornina knows you have an Iftar to get to!  

They have also collaborated with Elves Messenger where you can basically order and get anything you want delivered from their Ramadan menu through the Facebook messenger bot. Elves are delivering your dessert! You now have infinitely more time to spend on actually eating rather than worrying about physically going out to buy something. But their collaborations don’t stop there. They have also teamed up with Egyptian Food Bank to donate some of their most delectable favourites to families in need. All you need to do is purchase an empty dessert box for 100 LE and they will donate what was supposed to be in your box to the disadvantaged families. There are many reasons to indulge with tortina this Ramadan.

And now we leave you to drool over 10 of tortina’s most exquisite Ramadan desserts.

Konafa Rice Pudding

There are a tonne of konafa creations out there, but tortina went all out of their way for this one. Having crafted this one in a competition between tortina’s chefs, Konafa rice pudding was crowned as the best Ramadan invention. It’s like two of our favourite Ramadan desserts meshed in one, sparing us the daunting choice of eating one or the other.  

Mango Strawberry Konafa Cake

Overeating after Iftar is only worth it if we get to indulge in layers of mango, strawberry, and fresh cream intertwined with golden crispy strings of konafa. Isn’t that what Ramadan is all about… After fasting?  

Om Ali Creme Brulee

For the first time in our lives, we’re not going to be absurd and question who Om Ali was because obviously she was a French woman who pretended she was Egyptian this entire time so that one day tortina could reincarnate her as a creme brulee flavoured Om Ali. We’re not even mad about it.

Konafa Yogurt Raspberry Ice Cream

Some days, we don’t want the traditional eshta in our konafa. So tortina is giving us just the crust topped with a more summery raspberry yogurt ice cream and meringue for the scorching hot days in Ramadan.  

Special Fried Katayef

Katayef as we know them are either bursting with an assortment of nuts or oozing eshta. But tortina has given our katayef a sweet twist with your choice of tiramisu, Nutella, toffee, or mastic eshta. Bye bye diet.


One of our longest standing coconut filled Egyptian delicacies, rawani is making a special appearance at tortina this Ramadan, except this time it's filled with cream and topped with mango cubes. We’re about to break our fast real early…  

Kunafa Mars Tart

So tortina got some mars, chopped it carefully, mixed it in with some smooth cream cheese, and laid it out on a golden buttery konafa crust. And just like that, we’re no longer sure if we’re eating a mars bar, or a konafa, or a variation of a mars konafa cheesecake!  

Mastic and Fresh Eshta Konafa Cake

You can never have too much konafa. This time you’ve got layers of konafa filled with the freshest eshta and pistachios.

Halawet El Jebn

A Lebanese favourite also known as sweet cheese rolls, halawet el jebn is basically a semolina based dough that wraps a special cheese that perfectly complement the sweet syrup made to top it off. It’s like eating your favourite type of cheese, mixed with the sweetness of traditional Egyptian desserts.


Another Lebanese favourite that tortina has named after the enchanting city of Baalbek in Lebanon, these are their national katayef packed with walnuts and cinnamon. Anything Lebanese is amazing anyway, we’ll take 200!

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