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10 Ramadan Desserts You'll Want to Try Right Now

We've rounded up all the crazy sweet concoctions you'll want to take to your next 3ozooma, but secretly wish you'd eaten all yourself...

Ramadan is a time of spirituality, gatherings and...delicious desserts. Mango and Konafa? Who would have ever conjured such a duo...but it happened, a revolution thus began and we are thankful. Throughout recent years dessert shops have been putting a twist on Ramadan desserts with an annual unspoken competition seeking the most outrageous concoction each Ramadan. Invited to Iftars right, left and centre, make sure you take something different this year:

Crumbs: Berry Konafa Cheesecake

Say what? Berries with konafa...and cheesecake? We approve the textural contrasts and the sugar overload.  

La Poire: Konafa Basbousa Pistachio


Can't choose between Konafa or Basbousa? Have both. Not cool enough? Add pistachio cake.

Vanilla Beans: Konafa Maron Glace


Fitness freaks, look away! Rich and sugary from head to toe the powerful mixture might give you tooth ache - but hey, it's worth it.

Sale Sucre: Petits Choux Aux Dates


We all know you should break your fast with dates. No one specified, however, what you could put on those dates. Puff pastry filled with cream seems like a good option. 

Nutellopia: Konafa Nutella and Cream

Is there anything Nutella doesn't make better? Topped with cream, this is about as decadent as it gets.

Zanobia: Konafa Special

Konafa topped with everything. Since mango worked why not toss in all kinds of fruit? You could just say you’re having a fruit salad and clear your conscience.

Coppermelt: Love in a Jar

Forget the desert, we love that jar! JK, we'll have the konafa/date/cream combo too. 

Carousel: Atayef and Chocolate

Carousel has gone all out launching an extended Ramadan collection. One thing we have our eye on are the Atayef  with chocolate dip. A dangerous desert as you find yourself dipping one after the’ve lost count? Good, it’s probably best not know how many you’ve had.

9. The Batter Half & Co: Red Velvet Konafa

The Batter Half & Co has always upped the game in Ramadan and this year they're stuffing our favourite Oriental desert with our favourite American desert. Enough said. 

10. Pavlova: Konafa with everything. 

Nos Red Velvet + Nos blueberry = Ramadan dreams come true.