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13 Epic Lebanese Eateries Around Cairo

Try something different - but not totally different - from the Egyptian cuisine you've been brought up on with these 13 Lebanese restaurants around the city.

Lebanese food is legendary. It's kind of like Egyptian food, but not really, but sort of. It's just different enough that it's not scary to picky eaters and may give you a new appreciation for food you've gotten bored with. We've rounded up some of the best Lebanese eateries in the city where you can enjoy some of their unique fattah or almost-identical-to-the-Egyptian-version kofta.


While Egyptian fattah focuses on meat and goes heavy on the red sauce, Lebanese fattah is a lot lighter and won't put you in a food coma later, swapping meat for chicken and red sauce for yogurt. We're not saying we prefer Lebanese fattah or anything, but we kind of are.


Located along the Nile, Hayda boasts some seriously on-point Lebanese cuisine - and is one of the very few spots that also serves booze alongside their mezzehs and koftas. Because how much better is some kobeiba when accompanied by a glass of wine or four? Like, so much better. 

Enab Beirut

Enab Beirut - besides being absurdly Instagrammable, which is almost as important as the food, obviously - boasts a killer kofta, and perfectly spiced vine leaves.

Ahlein at the JW Marriott Hotel Cairo

Let's all be honest with ourselves: you may head to a Lebanese eatery to enjoy kofta but, really, it's all about the dips. No amount of tehina or baba ghanoush is ever enough. Ever.


Signature Lebanese dish sogo2 beh dibs el romman is one of the ultimate highlights of a meal at Caracas, because adding pomegranates to sausages is a seriously genius idea on the part of Lebanon. Their batata hara is also fairly epic. 

Cafe Blanc

Pretty similar to an Egyptian breakfast, a Lebanese morning feast of of foul weh beid really starts your day off right. The Lebanese eatery also boasts some incredible grilled halloumi, and their fattah shish barak is the epitome of brilliance. If you don't order it while you're there, you don't deserve joy in your life. 

Tamara Bistro

Most of Tamara's eats are pretty tasty but it is especially important that, after a great meal, one indulges in an equally epic dessert. Now, yes, Lebanese desserts are basically pure sugar and may or may not give you diabetes, but it's worth it. 

Fayruz at the Intercontinental Citystars

After some hardcore exercise (shopping) at Citystars, you will be famished. Devour one of Fayruz's signature mammoth mix grill platters. Maybe sink into a food coma. Maybe take a nap in one of the hotel's rooms. Whatever. 

Ayadina Lebanese Restaurant

Anything with cheese is amazing - this is just a fact. Ayadina's kafta arrayes with cheese features lots and lots of this wonderful, blessed ingredient.

Sabaya at the InteContinental Semiramis


It's the Intercon - everything's good. 

Beit Ward

Beit Ward serves up some brilliant grilled bentengan (it's just a much cooler word than 'eggplant'), and their tabboula is to die for. But all that pales in comparison to their Instagrammability levels. 


This quaint Zamalek restaurant obviously serves up a wicked edition of its namesake. It also has a variety of great mezzehs and lentil soup perfect for the winter.

Serena Eatery

The newest addition to the Lebanese scene here in Cairo, Serena Eatery inside The Platform Corniche Maadi, brings the tales of Lebanon's streets to Cairo through some unquestionably authentic Lebanese food.

Main image of Hayda.