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12 Places to Have Thanksgiving Dinner in Egypt

Just because you don’t live in North America doesn’t mean you can’t stuff your face with delicious piles of turkey and still feel super thankful.

People across the globe might not be following a guideline when it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving, but if there’s one thing in common between them all, it’s turkey. And being thankful. That too. Thanksgiving is one day a year when North Americans decided to be a cheerful bunch and asked the world to not to drown in common ungratefulness and to feel remotely thankful for their blessings. We could tell you a bit more about Thanksgiving, yet we presume you're able to Google stuff. Let’s get on with the eating! The swankiest hotels in Egypt will be serving up something extra special this Thanksgiving, and here are our top 12 picks for your feasting pleasure:

Thanksgiving's Dinner @ Romanov, Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

Nothing will bring the family closer than munching through endless amounts of gravy and mash. We bet dad will feel super special if you let him be the one to tear the turkey apart!

Reservations: +(202)23899000
Price: 250++ LE

Thanksgiving Dinner @ Roy's Country Kitchen

If you give thanks for a little, you find a lot. Just in time for Thanksgiving, we'll be quite grateful as we munch through Roy's Country Kitchen Special Thanksgiving dinner buffet.

Reservations: 02-27283000 
Price: 160++ LE for lunch; 190++ LE for dinner

Thanksgiving @ Citron, Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel

Citron will be serving you up delicious goodies for Thanksgiving - possibly even better than Monica's leftovers!

Reservation: 02-24063333
Prices: 175++ LE

Thanksgiving @ The Citadel Grill, Ramses Hilton

All-inclusive open buffet with an open wine bar? A lot of thanks will be given. Thank the Lord. Cowboy-themed tunes will play while you munch, so yeee-haw-ve, no excuses to miss this one!

Reservations: 0102 2218977
Prices: 449 LE with special discounted rates available for children.

Thanksgiving Buffet @ Mirage Cafe, JW Marriott

Ladies and gents, what you will be seeing this Thanksgiving at Mirage Cafe is very real indeed, and their turkey-to-go at La Patisserie might spark up quarrels between the fam about who gets that last turkey leg. Settle down, and make sure you grab it.

Reservations: 02-24115588
Price: 300++ LE

Turkey To Go @ En Passant, Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel

Too busy to sit down and plough through delicious Thanksgiving turkey? En Passant will be serving up turkey-to-go to match up with a speedy lifestyle. Haha, just kidding. You sit your ass down at the dinner table and eat your food!

Reservations: 02-24063333

Thanksgiving Dinner @ The Tipsy Teapot

Sweet potato casserole, mash, sausage stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce – do you want us to keep going? We'll quit teasing. The Annual Thanksgiving Catering and Dinner will be giving you something to be grateful for.

Reservations: 01146857139, and to order your catered meal in advance, call 01146857139.
Prices: 150++ LE per person.

Thanksgiving Special Plate @ Eish & Malh

Swap the eish w malh (bread and salt) for turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes, string greens, and grandma's cranberry sauce. This special plate will only be setting you back 125 LE. Same cost for a large combo McRoyale. There will also be pumpkin pie! They'll be throwing in a vegetarian option or pumpkin-ricotta ravioli.

Reservations: 01098744014.
Prices: 125 LE.

Thanksgiving @ Lucille's Restaurant

The picture says it all. Dig in!

Reservations: 0109 291 5000

Turkey To Go @ La Patisserie, JW Marriott Hotel Cairo

From the 21st of November through the 6th of January, you'll be able to pick up a turkey to go if you're still looking for Thanksgiving leftovers!

Reservations: 02-24115588 

Turkey Carving @ Four Seasons' Zitouni

Eating a turkey requires some serious skills. Are you up for it? Drop by Four Seasons' Zitouni for a lunch or dinner, carve your turkey, and make sure you get the biggest piece!

Reservations: 02-27917000
Price: 400++LE for lunch and dinner (each)

Turkey To Go @ The Bakery Cairo Marriott Hotel

Looking for something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving? Grab a Turkey-to-go from The Bakery at Cairo Marriott! You're welcome.

Reservations: 02-2728300