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12 Best Places To Eat Lobster in Cairo

The lobster hunt is finally over. Grab your wallets and car keys because lobster season is about to begin!

Believe it or not, lobster season is just starting; the best time to spoil yourself with this crustacean is now… Whether you want a classy restaurant or one with a more local feel, we’ve got it all. Some restaurants serve lobster all year round and some have it seasonally, so let us introduce you to buttery heaven. Here’s a list of twelve places doing right by the crustacean - you can thank us later.

JW Mariott’s Steakhouse

JW Mariott’s Steakhouse is one of the best in town when it comes to dining, especially seafood. Their lobster is available all year round any way you like it. Its chic atmosphere will make you feel like royalty. They serve the Lobster Katayief and Blue Crab Cake appetizer with lemon pepper aioli, popped capers, and fennel salad (90 L.E). They also have Lobster Bisque soup, which includes lobster medallion with fresh cream and chives (120 L.E). The main dishes are the Steamed or Grilled Canadian Lobster with butter, or garlic sauce (400 L.E), and the Scottish Lobster Tail (250 L.E). So, if you want to go somewhere classy, this is the place for you!

One Oak

If you live in El Shiekh Zayed, One Oak is the place for you. When it comes to serving the perfect lobster, they’re professionals. Their main dishes are the savory Lobster Tornado or and Lobster Tail (200 gm.) for 195 L.E. Their plates are flawless, so get ready for a delicious explosion in your mouth.

Shogun at InterContinental Cairo Citystars

They serve a fine lobster tail platter, with a side of delicious vegetables that compliment the dish. Their freshly seasoned lobsters will fill your heart with happiness.

The State at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

The State is a classic European restaurant with a local twist. They offer a seafood buffet every Thursday called The Fisherman's Hook. The delicate yet overpowering aroma will make you eat till you can no longer breathe, so make sure you head up there with an empty stomach!

Chinoix at Renaissance

This authentic Chinese restaurant creates the perfect relaxing setting for dining out. They serve one of the finest grilled Lobster, Beijing style! 

Lemongrass at JW Marriott

If you’re in mood for a Chinese plate, then try the Hainan Lobster. The freshly Stir-fried Red Sea lobster with ginger and black mushrooms is served in its shell.


Their lobster pasta will leave you wanting more, whether it’s with tomato or cream sauce. Although the lobster here is seasonal, it’s worth waiting for because we guarantee it’ll be mouthwatering. They also have a variety of lobsters that are served on a hot platter cooked the way you like it.

Al Sultan Seafood

Brace yourselves for an out-of-this-world meal! They serve the juicy grilled lobster with butter, or butterfly grilled lobster; their options are endless. For 350 L.E, you can pick the lobster while its still alive. Yes, you read it right…so you can guarantee that it going to be fresh. However, if that creeps you out, then you can just order without seeing it for 300 L.E. 

Marasy Seafood

Once you try this tasty treat, you will want more. Marasy Seafood offers the ultimate lobster. Its rich taste is what makes this restaurant special; you can have it grilled, butterfly, or mayo. They’re known to be very loyal and care about customer satisfaction.

Al Sherif Seafood

Al Sherif Seafood, located in Masaken Sheraton, serves their best lobster during winter. Want something creative? Try the sweet sensation of the béchamel lobster; the combination of flavors will fulfill all your cravings. The silky smooth taste of their lobster soup is to die for. 

Abo Ahmad Seafood Lobster

Grilled, boiled, or gratin, the lobster’s golden interior will get you excited. Its exquisite taste will leave you in awe.   

Aroset el bahr

The name says it all; their seafood is majestic. The lobster is available all year round and the prices may vary according to its weight. Its heavenly smell will leave you breathless. So make sure you go hungry. You can locate it in Nasr City.