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4 Mouthwatering Dishes from Kitchens Around the Globe by Yumamia

We're just going to wanderlust with our tastebuds from now on.

As Egyptians, we are not afraid to say that hearty, homemade meals are probably, if not definitely, our top priority – and sometimes, we take time off from eating to do life in between. As self-proclaimed foodies – who are sometimes too lazy to cook, but have mama-standards when it comes to anything edible – we already know that Yumamia, Egypt's foremost homemade food delivery service, is our saving grace and eternal hero.

While we're at it, let's agree on how Egyptian cuisine nails it when it comes to chicken. We got panée, fatta, bel rozz wel she3reya, m7ammar, sanneya bel khodar... But sometimes, we're introduced to chicken creations from different corners of the globe – and the more we try, the more we crave, the more we demand. Yumamia took that into consideration, and is throwing Chicken Festival for six weeks, bringing us the best chicken dishes from around the globe to satisfy our appetite:

Sweet & Sour

The infamous Chinese dish that's one of the most internationally-praised ones around the world. Ever. It has a lot of colour and plenty of taste; what could possibly sound and taste better than red, yellow, and green peppers thrown in with savoury, juicy chicken cubes, drenched in sweet and sour sauce on a bed of Egyptian rice? Good luck thinking of something better than that.

40 Cloves Of Garlic

We're fans of garlic. Yes, it means sacrificing coming near anyone who hasn't established the fact that they love us no matter what, but it's good as hell. So, we're good to go with this French dish of succulent chicken thighs, marinated in buttery roasted garlic and refreshing thyme served with white rice. All we're seeing is one more reason for us to obsess over France. 

Butter Chicken

Chicken? Good. Butter? Good-er. It sounds like a two-ingredient meal, but you have no idea. This Indian creation smells like you're in your grandmother's home at dinner time, and frankly, taking in all that delicious rice soaked in that buttery creamy tomato sauce while noshing on tender, spicy chicken, feels like you'e hugging teita and sleeping in her arms. Only if teita’s last name was Amitabah Bachchan.

Lemon Chicken Piccata

We all know that anything Italian-sounding AND has chicken in it, there's a fat chance it's prepared by angels. So, when you have perfectly pan-fried chicken, that's going to get cooked in a creamy sauce, with zesty lemon juice, then you're going to get a good amount of fresh herbs to top it, all on linguine pasta...It sounds like nothing short of your greatest life decision.

You can try all these new mouthwatering Yumamia chicken dishes by placing an order through their website here.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram