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7 Best Spots To Get Soup In Maadi

One might ask, "who's a big deal in the soup world?" It's Souperman! We'll stop trying to be funny; it’s actually these restaurants listed right here. You're welcome.

Hot soup on a chilly day sounds calming, doesn’t it? Much to our misfortune, we’ve experienced a few unsavoury bowls in our lifetime; too creamy, too mushy, too disappointing - especially on a cold winter’s night. However, every time we indulge in a mouthwatering bowl of soup, we get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. On a quest to find the most enticing bowls of soup, we finally managed to round up the best restaurants for soup in Maadi.


When dining at a restaurant, atmosphere matters. Located on Road 9, this cute Lebanese restaurant will instantly spread positive vibes all around just through its colour palate. Putting that aside, their Caracas soup was just the right temperature with a rich taste to add to its perfection - our inner Goldilocks approves. Aside from the Caracas soup, they have lentil and chicken cream soup as well.

Tabla Luna

Their tomato soup is a tasty treat that will fulfill all your soupy cravings for this winter, so brace yourselves for a life-changing bowl of soup. We know, a tad dramatic, but we love our soup! Its rich, smooth feel will melt in your mouth. 


Classy, chic, and affordable, you folks are probably familiar with this restaurant; they prepare dishes that are simply heaven on earth. Although we cannot deny that all their dishes are to die for, their soup is the best there is. Their creamy bowls will make you feel at ease once you dip their crusty garlic bread and take the first bite!

Tutti Matti

If you’re looking for a cosy Italian restaurant with the finest dishes, then you’ll love this place. Its cosy indoor ambience and outside terrace is a bonus while enjoying your dinner. Wait, you can’t have dinner without soup, though! Their delicious soup will make you go "mamma mia!" as you oh-so-sinfully indulge.

Euro Deli 

Looking for a European feel? Viola! The name says it all. Boasting friendly waiters and great food, their soup will definitely cure the chills in your bones from the cold weather outside. If you want to be on the safe side, their soups are simple and traditional with fair prices.

Café Suprēme

Café Suprēme is the perfect place for shisha and soup; in our books, that’s the perfect combination. With a casual setting, you can enjoy your soup with friends or on a simple date. They have a variety of soup, so your wish is their command! Oh and, don’t worry, their prices will not burn a hole in your pocket, so grab your gal and take her out.


Known for their all their juicy platters, Cortigiano also has exquisite soup. How can so much perfection come from one place, you ask? Well, simple… they have variety and quality. With a cosy interior, Cortigiano is the best place for winter snuggling; their Italian cuisine will make you feel like you're no longer in Egypt.