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8 All Day Breakfast Eateries in Cairo

Missed breakfast? Here's a list of eight eateries that are serving it all day long.

We know how it is, you wake up late and find that by the time you are functioning at the required capacity to ponder your choice of breakfast, all of your favourite joints are no longer serving it. CairoScene is here to the rescue, as always. We found some of the places around Cairo that serve the essential meal all through the day. No longer do you have to awaken at the crack of dawn (ahem, 10 AM) to enjoy some damn pancakes. No longer will you have to settle for stale pizza or leftover pasta from the night before because you failed to rise with the sun. You can mail your thank you letters to us later, first check out these top seven eateries that serve all-day breakfast.
Bubblicious offers you an extensive selection of eggs - scrambled and omelettes - fava beans, savoury and sweet waffles, yoghurts, French toast, pancakes, and sandwiches. On top of that you can choose your favourite fruit flavoured tea from over 15 flavours.
Café Suprême offers the regular stuff like omelettes, scrambled eggs, and sandwiches, but also offers a healthy alternative - their signature breakfast fruit granola parfaits and fresh fruit salads. They also offer freshly baked delectables like croissants, quiches, pastries, muffins, and stuffed bagels.
Caracas is a Lebanese café/restaurant that is fittingly located in Lebanon square. It serves a selection of traditional Lebanese breakfast dishes like labneh and labneh with zaatar; it also has a selection of eggs, falafel, and Lebanese foul. One thing you can be sure of is that you will feel like you have a piece of the Levantine country in your tummy.
Grizzly Diner is an American style diner that takes you back to the 60s - 70s era, with breakfast options ranging from their specialty omelettes, scrambled eggs, and eggs Benedict, to their delicious waffles, pancakes, and muffins. Snuggled in between are some breakfast sandwiches that will have your mouth watering.


Kazouza is an Egyptian gourmet street food joint on Maadi’s Road 9. It serves breakfast feasts like foul bel zebda (fava beans with butter), beid bel basterma (eggs with pastrami), tuna salads, and sakalans - a sandwich filled to the brim with cream, honey, strawberry jam, and sesame spread.


Lucille's is an all-American restaurant, serving a wide selection of breakfast items that range from omelettes and scrambles to pancakes and waffles. Lucille's is a sure fire way to fill up on an all-American breakfast fresh off the griddle.
Makani may be renowned for its sushi but it has a deli section that is extensive to say the least. When it comes to breakfast, you will be spoiled for choice. You can have your pick from croissants, pates, loafs, baguettes, pastries, toast, traditional sandwiches, crêpes, tarts, granola, yoghurts, cakes, and muffins, and to wash it all down you get to choose between coffee, tea, iced tea, frapuccinos, fresh juice, cocktails, smoothies, and healthy drinks. 

Honorary mention: Mince

Although Mince doesn't serve all their breakfast items throughout the day, they do serve their signature Elvis French Toast, which is a breakfast monster that you can order - and get delivered - all day long. That itself is enough to earn Mince an honourable mention on our all day breakfast list. Good one, Mince!