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8 Delicious Reasons Egyptians are Fat

After hearing we are the fourth fattest country in the world, we here at CairoScene decided to compile the calorie count of our favourite Egyptian and fast food staples to see if there is any truth to claim. (Spoiler alert: your stomach is about to hate us.)

Earlier this week, the Gazette Review released a report ranking the fattest countries in the world. To our chagrin, we learned that Egypt is the fourth fattest country in the world and the absolute fattest, in Africa. Although we love ranking first in Africa, in just about anything, this ranking is more embarrassing and definitely something Egyptians won't be bragging about anytime soon.

With our stomachs upset with the news, we decided to look into a mix of mama's food and fast food in hopes of figuring out where our waistlines went wrong. According to science, men should be taking in roughly 2500 calories per day while women should be taking in 2000 calories per day. Upon researching the calorie count of Egypt's favourite foods we confirm that sadly we're a nation of fatties.

Feteer Meshaltit - 2480 calories

The average Egyptian may not eat a full feteer on their own, but chances are you eat half which is a whopping 2,480 calories worth of guilty pleasures. That's enough to be a punchline; 'yo mama so fat, she eats feteer'. 

Double Big Tasty - 1,300 calories

Because one patty was not enough, right? Well doubling down on your wasteline, this sandwich totals 1,300 calories per sandwich. Heaven help you if you order the combo. 

Hamam Ma7shy - 1,606 calories

This one was a shocker, even to use. Those two baby hamamat seem to have barely any meat but packs 1,606 calories. Guess it's chicken from here on in. 

Sugar Cane Juice - 1,075 calories

Egyptians' favourite thing to chug can be found just about anywhere. We don't care if it's in a cup or a plastic bag, but maybe we will knowing that one cup gives you 1,076 calories

Stuffed Grape Leaves - 1,800 calories

Mama's ma7shy, it just makes your mouth water. It's a staple at every 3ozouma, but munching on 20 of these babies give you a whopping 1,800 calories. LOL like that will stop us. 

KFC Family Bucket - 4,788 calories

We know most people wouldn't actually eat the full bucket on their own unless maybe it's Ramadan and we know you know it causes diarrhea, but did you know that those 10 pieces of chicken alone are worth 2,800 calories? Add the fries, coleslaw, and the condiments and you're looking at 4788 calories.

Pizza Super Supreme - 3,600 calories

It honestly hurts having to put pizza on this list. Everyone loves pizza, but perhaps consider not stuffing the crust with cheese and hot dogs because the Pizza Hut Super Supreme pie totals an extremely disappointing 3,600 calories. 

Sakalans Sandwich

What happens when you put honey, ishta and halawa into a sandwich? 1744 calories of regrets is what!