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8 Deliciously Ginormous Supersized Foods You Can Get In Egypt

A big-eater's guide to drowning in their favorite foods.

Bigger is always better. Well at least when it comes to food. Who doesn’t want to come home from work and drown their sorrows in tubs of ice-cream and endless pizza. Well, we hope to make your dreams a reality by presenting you with 8 different supersized munchies you can sink your teeth into in Egypt. 

Burgerque’s Monster Burger
 (Photo: Engezni Facebook page)

Enough to feed a family of 5, the Monster Burger features a 1,350 gram patty with unlimited toppings, and unlimited toppings! The versatile burger-spot Burgerque in Maadi prepares this monster by order, just make sure to bring a couple of mates or you are going to be leaving with a huge takeaway bag.

The “Jerken” at Ashraf Farghaly

Named after the container one would fill up gas in, the jerken at Ashraf Farghaly is for the contemporary juice lover. A few kilograms of sugar cane or mango juice can go a long way, and you 100% won't be asking for a refill after this one.  

Vinny’s Pizza Cake


(Photo: Vinny’s)

Cakes and Pizza? How about both at the same time with the merging of two of the most delicious foods in the world into one that may be just as great. Pay a visit to Vinny's Pizzeria in Maadi to get your hands on this massive pizza-cake. Best of both worlds?

The 1 Metre Sandwich at Welatain

(Photo: Fridgecheck)

Coming in a variety of different options ranging from grilled shrimp to Alexandrian liver, the Torbieny is Welatain’s humongous one meter sandwich. You will most likely not be able to eat again for at least a few days if you manage to finish this incredibly large sandwich. Where do you even get bread this long.

The X-Large Feteera at My El Qalioby

(Photo: Etoile)

One of the largest Feteera pies in the country is the delicious X-Large feteera at My El Qalioby. It comes in sweet and sour options, making the possibilities endless. If you are into honey and eshta feteeras, this may just be the best thing to happen to you.

The New Yorker Pizza at Vinny’s

(Photo: imgur)

Exceeding even the X-Large, Vinny’s is the “New Yorker” pizza size. A pie with a diameter of half a meter is a dream come true, and perfect for stuffing your face with slices that seem like they will never end

‘Godzilla’ at Chicken Fil-A

(Photo: Chicken Fil-A)

Sandwich place, Chicken Fil-A, creates some of the most greasy, oily, and cheesy food around town. None however are more fattening than the Godzilla sandwich, consisting of 4 crispy chicken patties, and a multitude of cheeses, all between two buns.

“El King” at Koshary El Tahrir



“El King” is just a really really really really big bowl of koshary. Many have tried to finish this monster and almost all have failed. Best part is, ‘El King’ is the most affordable option on our list, coming in at a modest 20 L.E. per plate.