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A Cairo Gym Just Launched The City's Newest And Healthiest Juice Line

B-urn Egypt are redefing healthy drinks with these new ultra-healthy B-ottled juices.

Being healthy and eating right is all the rage right now, but these days it’s very hard to tell what’s actually really good for you and what isn’t. The only thing the internet can say about that is that everything is either horrible for you and causes cancer, or that everything is excellent for you and boosts your immunity. That’s why we’re so excited for Egyptian famed gym B-urn Egypt’s new ultra-healthy B-ottled line.

Founder of B-urn Egypt and all-round health enthusiast Amina Naguib, tells us "people here that go 'oh this is healthy' and 'you should put a spoonful of that' and I was never really sure what was healthy and what wasn’t, so I got a bunch of locally grown herbs from Egypt and went to a professional herbalist/alchemist". The team’s goal was to create something that actually works, so they created a line of drinks with each serving a specific purpose, including pre-workout, post-workout, and immunity boosting. Amina tells us "these aren’t smoothies or juices or drinks. These are medicines". A huge amount of time was put into researching each ingredient and creating new flavours to ensure that they actually work. So much has been their success that Naguib herself has been drinking them instead of her morning coffee.

Amina tells us the line includes six different flavours, and they’re working on even more exciting projects including a kids' line adorably named 'Little B-ottles' and a detox line that we’re especially excited for because our livers need some serious cleansing.

Keep up with B-urn Egypt here and check out The B-urn Bar's Instagram here.