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Andiamo Brings Your Love Affair With Pizza Right To Your Doorstep

Andiamo's delectable pizza can now be delivered to and enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, which eliminates any type of moving we would've (should've) been doing before stuffing our faces.

Human companionship can be quite burdensome. One often finds oneself obliged to share some very simple pleasures with fellow humans, such as hot cocoa, alcohol consumption, and pizza binge eating. Life is not about trivial things such as ‘socialising’ and ‘sharing’ and ‘caring’ *scoffs*.

With this in mind, pizza bar Andiamo has just announced that they are now delivering, a decision that could change the course of human history – as far as the Italian pie is concerned, anyway. Their delectable pizza can now be enjoyed in the privacy of one’s own home without the added pressure of eating neatly, table manners, and sharing food with your ‘homies’.You can be a simpleton good sport and let others extort pizza slices from you in return for cheap human emotions all you want, but just remember, when push comes to shove and the world descends into anarchy, it’s every man for his pie.

You can place your delivery orders by calling 01113310666.

Keep up with Andiamo's latest fateful news on Facebook and Instagram @andiamocairo.

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Date: 11/21/2019
Time: 12:0am - 2:00pm
Venue: Art Cafe Galleria40