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Authentic Egyptian Food is Getting Redefined at Mistiqa in Sahel This Summer

Mistiqa offers a mouth-watering variety for those looking to ditch burger joints and overrated pizzerias.

From fancy burger joints to picturesque pizzerias, Sahel's culinary scene has got the Western cuisine covered. What about those looking to indulge in a feast of tasty molokhyas and mouth-watering feteer? They'd be happy to know that renowned Egyptian food restaurant Mistiqa is going all the way to the shores of the Mediterranean to satisfy their mama's food cravings with the most exquisite Arabic dishes.

With a team of specialised chefs cooking top-notch cuisine, Mistiqa, which's perfectly situated in Sîdî`Abd El-Rahmân, promises a top-notch all-Egyptian, family-style food experience. One that Sahel has been craving for way too long. Especially considering they're open for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. 

Few restaurants give us real Egyptian feeling where the whole family is engaged and included in fun of actually preparing the dishes. Mistiqa offers an authentic dining experience where the bread and feteer are baked right in front of us by Fallahat. Kids can even join in the fun learn to bake their own bread, while the rest of us diners get to enjoy everything baked and grilled right in front of us. We can already imagine the aromas! 

Forget on-the-go burgers and unhealthy beach snacks, for Mistiqa has a world of exquisite authentic Egyptian food that will leave you short of breath, and it's all right here in Sahel.

If you want to take a bit of this goodness back home to Cairo with you, you're in luck. Mistiqa is officially gracing us hardcore Cairenes with its first branch in Kattamya's Point90 come second week of September. 


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