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Beehive: This Nasr City Spot is a Haven for Foodies & Gamers

We have no choice but to stan dem kweens!

Beehive is the newest cafe buzzing for Nasr City’s foodies. You’d think the reason behind its hype is it’s crispy fried chicken, its over-40-drinks menu, and free delivery...but nope. That’s not why. Legend has it that the pride of the cafe lies within private rooms huddled within its walls. Stored in these rooms are  big TV screens and PS5s awaiting all those who know their way around a controller. 

So, make your bets and head to Beehive to satisfy the competitive whizz within you. Oh, and if you don’t know how to play, there’s no shame in that too. They offer alternatives such as cosying up for a movie night with your friends, or delving deep into the world of VR. 

Whether your mum threw out your PS because ugh, or something is just stopping you from having movie night with friends at home, don’t get frustrated. Just call +2 0111 034 0840 to reserve one of their sacred rooms. One thing’s for sure tho, we’re lowkey sad this isn’t a Beyonce-themed cafe.