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The Little Restaurant that Opens in Cairo Every Winter is Back and Better than Ever

Will you just stay open already?

Nestled securely away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Bistro, located inside Seasons Country Club on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road, is definitely a hidden gem of a restaurant.

Bistro opens every year from October to April, to intrigue and baffle us, then disappears again. "The restaurant has a very obvious winter feel," explains co-founder Tarek Hegazy of the eatery's unusual seasonal existence, "Its concept very much revolves around a cozy spirit." And his description is spot on. With relaxed décor and courteous service, the cozy restaurant serves French and international cuisine and has recently updated their menu to include a variety of appetisers that are basically the entire reason the term 'winter weight' exists, including Konafa Fonduta and duck spring rolls.Their most epic signature dish though, is of course, the fondue – and it never disappoints (because, really, anytime you throw a pot of melted cheese into the equation, it's physically impossible to disappoint). "The fondue is definitely one of the main reasons everyone comes here in the winter," Hegazy laughs.

We don’t all live close by, but this place is worth the drive. If you feel like you’re getting bored with going to the same old restaurants then maybe you should try out this powerhouse of good food. Between the little-chalet-in-the-Swiss-Alps vibes, the cheese-coated everything, and the laid-back live music they have occasionally, Bistro is really one of Cairo’s truest finds.  

You can contact them on 02 38387389