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Body Blocks is Making Weight-Watching Easier With Tailor-Made Ramadan Packages

Gone are the days of the infamous post-Fetar food coma.

Weight-Watching In Ramadan Was Never This Easy

Ramadan fasting is known for its numerous health benefits that range from lowering cholesterol levels which in turn decreases risk of heart disease, to improving the body's metabolism, eventually resulting in more efficient nutrient absorption and an immediate process of detox, which directly improves skin complexion, energy levels and immune functions.

While all of this is theoretically great, we all know that's not what usually goes down every Ramadan. Why, you ask? Because you'll obvs find yourself guzzling Tante Manal's perilous Konafa and dismantling all your dieting attempts in one single bite. But we're not here to make you feel guilty about your choices, we're here to talk about a little service that goes by the name of Body Blocks that is bound to turn your Ramadan into something you never thought could ever happen: a healthy Ramadan. 

Providing healthy tailor-made meals delivered right to your door step, Body Blocks has recently launched its Ramadan packages for this year, offering 10 days of lean freshly cooked meals that will have both your Fetar and Sohour meals covered, even adding in your favorite Ramadan juices and a dessert snack that's guaranteed to have your sweet tooth satisfied without giving you an immediate case of diabetes.

While you can go for the all inclusive Ramadan Weight Loss Package, Body Blocks also offers Special Nutrition Packages which are custom fit for your exact dietary and calorie needs, decided after a free nutrition session with their very own in-house nutritionist.

Now let's get down to some serious business and actually talk about the flavorful Fitar meals the Body Blocks kitchen is cooking up this Ramadan. The wholesome meals which arrive in an array of flavors and different cuisines. From Glazed Salmon with Creamy Sauce, to Stir Fry Chicken, Veal Stroganoff, Roasted Turkey and Coconut Shrimp Curry -- all served with a side of light Brown Rice or Quinoa, Veggie Salad and Fresh Soup. And for that post-Fitar sugar crave, Body Blocks is serving up some deliciously crafted dessert treats which come in layered pots of Yogurt, Granola topped with Fruits, Nuts and Dark Chocolate.

Body Blocks also offers a healthy filling Sohour that comes in the form of freshly cooked Beans and Eggs, and Fruit Granola, amongst other things -- eliminating any possible chance of those weirdly embarrassing stomach growls popping up mid-day, screaming "FEED ME!"

What we, and most people this Ramdan, really want tbh are healthy balanced meals that would allow us to watch our weight without experiencing that infamous post-Fitar food coma. Body Blocks will let us do just that. 

Check out Body Blocks' Instagram and Facebook to have a look at the délice meals they're cooking up this Ramadan.