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Box Meal: Thai, Laotian & Indonesian Food in the Heart of Dahab

Nasi goreng, anyone?

From nasi goreng and ramen to beef rendang and quinoa rolls, a truly authentic Asian eatery has hit Dahab and we are shook. Box Meal, located on the beach shores of Sinai, is whipping up Thai, Laotian, and other South Asian meals we’re living for. 

The front of Box Meal in Dahab

The pan-Asian eatery’s menu is heavily seafood-based (make sure to try their shrimp fried rice, please), with a handful of chicken, beef, and veggie options for those who aren’t too keen on flavours of the sea (we do judge you, though). 

‘’The restaurant’s name comes from the fact that a lot of Asian meals get served in boxes, Box Meal symbolises that comfy feeling you get when having that boxed meal,’’ says chef Amr Mahmoud, who also happens to be the owner of the Asian joint. ‘’We want our customers to taste the most delicious parts of Asia without having to go to five different restaurants.’’

The nasi goreng from Box Meal

When it comes to desserts, a lot of European influences are sprinkled on them with a bit of Asian sass for decoration. Tiramisu, coconut crepe, as well as ice kacang are among their variations. 

Box Meal is a hidden gem worth paying a visit the next time you hit the hipster-town in South Sinai.