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Brunchilla is Serving up the Ultimate Comfort Food in New Cairo

Their menu is small and concise, choosing only the most drool-worthy brunch delicacies.

Breakfast food has a special place in our hearts. There is something so comforting about digging into a stack of steaming pancakes drowned in sweet maple syrup. Don’t even get us started on French toast or creamy omelets. But, there is one thing we love more than breakfast—and that’s brunch. We love a hefty early afternoon meal to power us through our day.

That’s where Brunchilla comes in to save the day. This bright and cosy spot in the heart of Arabella Plaza has a small and intimate menu full of quintessential breakfast foods and diner-style comfort food that’ll have you hooked.

“Our menu is small and concise, choosing only the most drool-worthy breakfast and lunch eats,” Brunchilla tell us. “Our Cinnamon Swirl Pancake is perfectly-spiced and rich in all the right ways. Don’t even get us started on our French toast—get them rolled with Nutella or Lotus.”

Delve deeper into their lunch offerings with their juicy house-made burgers, quesadillas and vibrant salads. The real star, however, is their American Style crunchy grilled cheese. It’s honestly the ultimate comfort food with a satisfying crunchy exterior crust and loads of melted gooey cheese. You’ll thank us later.