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Cairo Bites Is Back and It's Your Perfect Excuse to Spend an Entire Weekend Binge Eating

Prepare your taste buds, food festival Cairo Bites is back. This year celebrity chefs Sherbini and Amira Shanab will spoil you, while live music performances will keep you entertained in between bites.

We finally have an excuse to spend an entire weekend doing nothing but stuff our faces - like we really ever needed one. Egypt’s first and largest food festival, Cairo Bites, is coming back to the city and this time, chefs, celebrities, and foodies will all be coming together.

Some of our favourites will be at the festival, including Mr. Wok, Lord of the Wings, Lychee, and Casper & Gambini’s, and we're not even mentioning famous chefs Sherbini, Sally Fouad, and Amira Shanab who will be cooking live on stage. But your taste is not the only sense that will be kept entertained at Cairo Bites. Ayamna El 7elwa and Mounib Band will have back to back concerts, after a Tanoura and a Mezmar show take the stage by storm on both days of the festival. A fitting line-up, we think, for the weekend's theme: A Taste of Egypt.

As if food and music is not enough, Cairo Bites will also hold cooking competitions and a fun zone for your kids to go crazy in, while you go crazy in your own fun zone *wink*.

Cairo Bites takes place at Cairo Festival City on May 5 and 6 from 4-11 PM, so dress lightly and start saving room in your stomach, because it's basically going to be 48 hours of incessant eating.  

Tickets are available here.