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Cairo Gets a Visit From the Iconic Em Sherif Herself

Em Sherif herself Mireille Hayek touches down in Cairo to make sure your Lebanese fantasies come to life.

There’s nothing quite like gathering around a table of delicious mezzes - and when you’re in a Lebanese restaurant, does the main course even count? Helping you embrace your true mezze self are Beirut-based Em Sherif Cafe who are now open in New Cairo and soon in Sheikh Zayed.

The restaurant brands itself as a spot that offers breakfast, lunch and dinners; meaning, they do it all. Think quick coffee to an Insta-perf salad to a full blown meal straight outta Beirut. Em Sherif Cafe first opened its doors in Achrafieh, and has been a hit ever since. The main concept behind the restaurant is that they take iconic Lebanese dishes and give them a unique twist. Em Sherif herself Mireille Hayek even made her way to Om El Donia to personally make sure that these dishes you're devouring are perf. “You will be transported to Lebanon from the moment you step in until you step out,” she stresses. 

We don't know about you but if Em Sherif herself approves, then we do too. Make sure to pop by their New Cairo branch or their new one in Sheikh Zayed that will flap open its doors quite soon.