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Cairo's Best 7 Restaurants for Chicken Burgers

Fried chicken goes above everything and y'all can't deny it.

We live for the creation of fried chicken and for the heavenly sandwich called burger. This is why the combination of a burger and fried chicken is simply a soul healer. Whether it's snack, breakfast lunch or dinner time -- it's always crunchy chicken o'clock. 

Here is where you can get yourself some finger-lickin' good fried chicken sandwiches in all its forms in the capital. 

Zack’s Fried Chicken // Branches All Over Cairo

They make fried chicken burger, and only that. 

SceneEats Tip: Make sure to order yourself some extra cheese cause it's the best way to have Zack's.

Buffalo Burger // Branches All Over Cairo

While Buffalo Burger might not specialise in fried chicken, they definitely know how to master a burger.

SceneEats Tip: Definitely dive in for their double fried chicken spicy burger -- the Chappo Sandwich.

Kansas Fried Chicken // Branches All Over Cairo

Not that their regular fried chicken isn't amaze, but their fried chicken sandwiches --burgers and wraps-- are simply to die for.

SceneEats Tip: Make sure to try out their Kansas Tower, cause it has hash browns and they're yum.

Daddy's Burger // Branches All Over Cairo

Daddy's Burger is literally the Daddy taking over all our burger needs. From their OG beef burgers to their fried chicken sandwiches.

SceneEats Tip: If you're in the mood to try out something new, go for their new Legendary burger. Instead of buns, your patties are wrapped in fried chicken. 

Dega's Fried Chicken & Burger // Branches All Over Cairo

While Dega's is still new to town, they've managed to take over our hearts with their finger-lickin' good delish chicken.

SceneEats Tip: This goes out to spicy food lovers out there-- go for their Hot D Crunch for some spicy jalapeño love and cheese madness. 

Chicken Fil-A // Branches All Over Cairo

They're the masters of fried chicken sandwiches in Cairo and their sandwiches are as huge as our appetite.

SceneEats Tip: Go for the King Kong, cause this is how you'll feel afterwards.

Bazooka Fried Chicken // Branches All Over Cairo

Whatever you order we can guarantee you, it's gon' get messy. 

SceneEats Tip: Always choose their triple tower because a single layer is simply not enough.