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Chococoa Makes Artisanal Belgian Chocolate from the Heart

This chocolatier makes aesthetically pleasing artisanal chocolate.

Food has always been associated with the heart. The old saying goes ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, but we’d argue that few foods are quite as romantic as chocolate. Chocolate hearts, chocolate-covered strawberries, the list goes on. Chococoa knows this, handcrafting their artisanal chocolates with oodles of love. 


Pastry chef Cherine Hamed is dishing out their Belgian chocolates with aesthetics in mind, crafting white, milk, and dark chocolates that are complimented with dried fruits, goji berries, nuts, and other yummy additions. ‘’It’s not your regular go-to chocolate bar from the gas station— these chocolates scream I love you,’’ Hamed tells us.


Frequenting fashionable events including Temraza’s most recent showcase, the chocolatier is equally as chic as the events it caters for. Get your hands on these elegant sweets via their DMs.