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Plot Twist: Eat Mori Sushi at the Movies!

Imagine the latest blockbuster with a side of Dynamite Salmon... Well, imagine no more!

The VIP cinema room at the infamous City Stars mall is known to have unprecedented levels of comfort for all of its guests. Whether it’s the reclining La-Z-Boy chair which feels like you’re sitting on a cloud or the beautiful surround system they have for you every time, you walk in you know you’re going to enjoy your movie that much more.

If you've spent those extra bucks and splashed out for the VIP experience, you know you are also abe to order food before the movie begins. Real food, we mean, not just popcorn and stale chocolate. Now here comes the plot twist: YOU CAN NOW ORDER MORI SUSHI TO EAT WHILE YOU WATCH THE MOVIE. Sorry about the caps; we're just that excited. Not only do you get to be a complete vegetable on the La-Z-Boy chairs but you can also dig into your favourite sushi roll whatever that may be.

If you know sushi in Egypt then you definitely know Mori. The company has left its footprint in the dining world as it is undoubtedly the most popular sushi restaurant in the whole country and making advancements in other countries (you heard it here first).

We don’t know about you but we think we know what’s on our agenda for the weekend as the unquenchable craving for sushi and a movie can now be properly fulfilled.

Find out more about Mori Sushi here.