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Cooking Iftar In 20 Minutes? Yumamia Says 'Challenge Accepted'

Cooking iftar for an entire family for an entire month? Yikes! Don't worry; it's not as hard as it sounds.

With Ramadan just around the corner, preparing a giant sofra for a billion guests can be quite stressful; you don’t want to end up feeding people moussaka with pieces of paper like Salah from Sagheera 3al 7ob, do you? For the busy mamas, the working mamas, and the lovely ladies who are inviting their entire family and their in-laws over for  for those who can cook, Yumamia will be releasing Ramadan value packs starting Sunday, which contain a variety of semi-cooked items. With this four-bag package, you’ll be able to prepare iftar within about 20 minutes, rather than having your children watch TV in the living room while you slave away in the kitchen all day – it’s the sad truth of any Egyptian mother.
Another option would be to order off the frozen or half-cooked menu where you can order a meal, choose the size you want, and stock up your freezer, and you’re set for the week! They've recently upgraded their menu and dropped their prices (and now their minimum charge is only 100 LE), so you have a lot more room for variety without breaking the bank – or breaking your back standing in the kitchen. Our tip: for those wanting to have the food delivered in time for iftar, be sure to order before 1 PM – you only need to give them four hours' notice for your food to be ready.

Check out their website here.