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Dark Solution Coffee Is the Answer to All Your Coffee Cravings

There’s a new coffee shop in town and they mean business.

With a name like that, you know they’re serious about their coffee. Dark Solution Coffee is a new sexy flexy coffee shop in Maadi, fashioned with a sleek, all-back interior. Flaunting the only Mahlkonig E65s GBW coffee machine in Egypt, this self-proclaimed espresso lab is equipped with premium, no funny business machinery to fulfill all your caffeine cravings. These mean, lean coffee machines will leave you sufficiently buzzed and ready to conquer those long Ramadan nights. 

Nestled in a bustling side street in Maadi, this spot is perfect for a quick caffeine fix or to catch up with the BFFs. The folks over at Dark Solution Coffee are brewing up a rich aromatic cup of coffee that’ll impress even the most snobby coffee aficionado. Their exclusive specialty coffee is a unique 60% Brazilian and 40% Colombian, natural-washed blend with notes of milk chocolate, nuts and sour orange. Milk chocolate coffee? Where has this been all our lives? It’s like a childhood dream come true. 

Enjoy a seriously decadent sip of coffee with their fine repertoire of hand-crafted drinks. From their classic cortado to their creamy pistachio latte, Dark Solution Coffee has something for everyone. No time to sit and sip? Pass by and grab one of their bottled signature drinks like their Iced Spanish Latte, perfectly spiced and brewed to perfection. But honestly we recommend sitting in for the full experience. You gotta watch the baristas work their caffeine magic.

But no coffee shop is complete without some sweet sidekicks (we want carbs please thank you). In addition to their exquisite coffee offerings, they have a bunch of yummy treats like their out-of-this world Pistachio Halawa Cake or their super cute, mini muffin bites. 

Dark Solution Coffee is spreading their caffeine goodness all over Cairo and Sahel this year, with their new branches. They’ll be making a splash in Sahel this summer at Sahel, then expanding to Qubix Hub in Zayed and Hyde Park in New Cairo later this year.