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Dough & Co Makes Shawerma Cones & Ice Espressos a Reality

Brb while we contemplate moving to New Cairo.

Dough & Co, the online dessert shop that is solely dedicated to making Kürtőskalács (that’s chimney cake to us and you) and have taken it upon themselves to bless us with this heavenly dessert originating all the way from Hungary. This stunning, light dessert is made up of a light sweet dough and is cooked rotisserie-style on a cylindrical rotating spit, and the results are an hollow “chimneys” where you can pretty much fill it to the brim with ice cream (and fill the chimney cake-shaped hole in your heart at the same time).

The savoury options also include roast beef, tuna and turkey

Located in New Cairo, Dough & Co comesthru with two branches that lets you live your best Hungarian life. But, here's where it shines. It doesn't just offer the iconic Kürtőskalác in dessert form, you can also have it savoury. Yup, you read that right. If you want to have shawerma or a hot dog in cone form, you've got it. 

The vanilla ice cream cone from Dough & Co

Their menu, however, is heavy with all dem sweet options -- from Lotus to Nutella, pistachio, caramel and so much more. Dough & Co also offers icespressos, which is exactly what you think it is. Espresso with ice cream in it. We don't know about you, but we're living. 

The vibe at Dough & Co

You can find this adorbz spot at Cairo Festival City Mall and Arabella Plaza. For delivery, call them on +2 0127 277 5566.