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Drip, Drip: Egypt's Best 7 Brands for Sauces, Dips & Dressings

You'll have hot sauce in your bag, swag.

Nothing screams bland or boring like food that is not drenched by sauce.  White sauce. Red sauce. Ranch sauce. Hot sauce. A vast assortment of different colours, tastes, and tangs that Gordon Ramsey himself would tell you (or rather yell at you) are crucial to any cuisine.  

In this listicle, we give you the best sauces Om El Donia has to offer..

Lou Sauce

You won’t need mama or teta (or baba or gedo) anymore because Lou will make all dem sauces for you instead. Bamia sauce? Check. Besela sauce? Check. Goodbye family 3ozoumat because you’re a socially distanced kween? Double check. 


Named as such for a reason, Blasta’s sauce will blast your food to a whole new level of deliciousness. Their Mexican ketchup is yaaas-inducing. 


You know all the fancy or unattainable sauces and dressings you find yourself eyeing in restaurants but just never find at your friendly neighbourhood grocery stores? Well, this is right where you’ll find them. They make Big Mac sauces. Just sayin’.

Add Salt

Their distinctive dressings are showcased in crystal clear jars tantalising you into picking them for your next cooking venture. This includes their infamous purple hummus. Yes, you read that right. A glow-up from the once typical bland hummus we all know but still love. 

Add Me

Packaged in two ideal words. There’s just no need to say any more. 

Gigi’s Treats

To all of you environmentally friendly animal lovers, this one’s for you. All products are preservative-free and vegan-friendly. So delve in without feeling the wrath of Mother Nature fall down on you. 


This Italian-inspired brand is dominating Egyptian land, going all the way from Maadi to El Gouna. Whether you live in the heart of the city, or by the sparkle of the sea, you pasta la vista all you want.