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Egypt's Best 8 Tableware Brands

Whether you're having a solo Instagrammable muesli moment for breakfast or making a mean sohour spread for your squad, these local brands will make it more special.

Tableware is so much more than just vessels for holding and serving food. Yup, they should totes be functional and all that, but that function obvi depends on what the occasion is. Right? We mean, like, are you having a solo Instagrammable muesli for breakfast, or are you making a mean sohour spread for your squad? 

Regardless of how you answered the above questions, tableware is an extension of your style, whether you like it or not, and it creates the vibe + mood for any occasion tbh. This is why we’ve scoured the country for our fav local brands that do just that, and help make all your meals --yes, even takeout pizza-- feel special. You’re welcome.


Urth, which is pronounced “earth,” will make you feel like their name is: humbled. If you’re all about the good & chill vibes, Urth is definitely the brand you need to put on your radar. Their Nachell piece is perf for sohour staples tbh. 


Out of all the brands on this list, AbraCadabra is easily the most adventurously artistic. What do we mean, you say? Every single piece or collection looks like art, so don’t blame us if we decide to never serve food in them. 


Okay so, Asheya stands out because their sets have this lenticular effect that'll take your breath away...or at least want to make you take an Insta story of them.


They’re called pros because they dabble in pretty much everything. Steel? Pottery? Wood? They’ve got a set for that.


They've got shapes, they've got textures, and they've certainly got colours. Cattleya is here for you if you're a mix & match kinda person. Oh, and all of their products are dishwasher safe which is honestly a big yaaas from us.

Il Coccio

If blue is your fav colour then Il Coccio is going to be the brand for you because they’ve got fifty shades of them. Their Azzuro collection is going to take you, or at least it took us, to Greece and back. 


The brand gets its name from DECOrating your BATE (home Arabic), which is honestly cute af. But we're not here to talk about how cute they are, we're here to talk about how Decobate isn't just any tableware brand. Not only do they feature all kinds of tableware (dinnerware, drinkware, tabletops, etc), they also make sure to partner up with as many artists as possible -- shedding a special light on Egypt's craftspeopleship. We have no choice but to stan.


The brand was founded for their absolute love towards pottery. If Fayoum's Tunis Village is your style, then Jarrah is definitely the name you need to know. Boho, unique and wholesome is exactly what they're all about. They offer worldwide delivery.