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These Healthy Mocktails Will Keep You Sahel-Fit This Summer

Whether you're a health freak or don't mind the few extra calories, we've got the perfect summer mocktail for you.

You know when it so happens that you decide to be healthier? Like clockwork, as summer approaches, everyone suddenly decides that the time to drop the fork and break a sweat is due. This, however, can't just happen overnight. First, you've got to come up with an achievable workout plan, and then you need to pay attention to your nutrition, that Sahel body isn't going to build itself, evidently. 

So after getting our workout plan sorted out, we stumbled upon another issue... what's a healthy substitute for milkshake? The answer is nothing. But last Friday, our fave Fayrouz sought to end our suffering by introducing a few healthy Fayrouz MOCKTAILS! After we got our heartbeats racing at the extended Health and Fitness day at Palm Hills, we were introduced to some tasty Fayrouz mocktails to ease our heart-pumping sessions. After getting to ZEN at the particularly soothing Yoga session, a little voice arose in the silence telling us we should share the secret Fayrouz mocktail recipes with the world. So there you have it, if you want to get Sahel-fit while also giving your body all the nutrients it could possibly get from a drink, meet the new Fayrouz summer mocktails:

Ginger Lemon Fayrouz

Add a bit of ginger, lemon, and green tea peppermint to the ever-so-tasty Fayrouz Pineapple and you've got yourself the most soothing mocktail to sip on wherever you may want; let that be the beach or before you crawl under the sheets at night.  

Kiwi Peach Fayrouz

It's a bit of an acquired taste, but if you're in for the perfect mix of sweet and sour, this is the mock-tail for you. Best consumed as you kick back and relax after a long muscle-straining session.

Avocado Spinach Fayrouz

To all the health freaks out there, you know, the ones that can actually maintain a workout routine throughout Ramadan what with all those konafas and qatayefs.. You'll want to keep them in the mixer for more than you usually would so they come together thick and juicy. 

You're welcome.

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