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Four Seasons' Bella is Flying Truffles from Tuscany to Your Plate

You can now order a side of truffles to go with your veal and weep with pleasure.

Italians have this habit of winning at life; when the world is busy trying to contain crises, fight wars, and battle epidemics, Italians kick back, pour a glass of wine, whip up a frittata, and bask in the Dolce far Niente. It’s like La Dolce Vita on infinite replay. We are not Italians – we have mortgages and credit card bills to worry about – but our occasional mini-Roman Holiday at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza’s Bella just got a whole lot trufflier. For seven to 10 days, you get to live out your dream of being king of the world because it is truffle season and Bella is flying these babies all the way from Tuscany to your plate. 

If you appreciate the finer (and pricier) things in life, you’re probably already a regular at Bella; the ristorante may as well have been ripped out of an Italian magazine with a distinctively Romanesque aesthetic – the view is to die for, and the menu just got fancier. So now, picture this: you’re enjoying your veal steak with truffle slices on the side.


Check out the Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza on Facebook here or follow them on Instagram @fscaironp.

Main image by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.
Photography by Moataz Mohamed.
Food Styling by Mostafa Abu Nabut.