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Fries Before Guys? New Restaurant ‘Friends’ Is All About That

Would you try fries topped with fried chicken? How about oriental sausage? Thanks to this Nasr City spot, you can now do that this weekend.

At SceneEats, we try to be flexible with our opinions, but one thing we do know for sure is that fries always, always come before guys, and sharing that sentiment is a new restaurant by the name of ‘Friends Fries’ which suggests that fries taste best when shared with friends. When it comes to topics, ‘Friends Fries’ doesn’t mess around as it comes through with a wide range to suit every flavour and preference, with all its items sharing one thing in common: fries at the base. 

Some of the toppings you can choose include the classic and iconic cheese sauce and Bolognese, and you can even opt to top your fries with chicken strips, chicken fajita, Mexican hot dog, oriental sausage or two toppings. The spot also serves twister chips fries, French fries in a cone and grilled potatoes with your choice of ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, tomeyya, ranch, thousand island dressing and more. For dessert, ‘Friends Fries’ offers waffles and ice cream.

You can find ‘Friends Fries’ at 13 Abd El Hemied Lotfi Street, Nasr City.