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Get Your Curry On With An Indian Food Festival

What better way is there to celebrate everyone's favourite subcontinent than with music, dancing, and food galore? Get ready to melt your face off with spiciness and cultural appreciation at the Baron Hotel's Indian Food Festival.

Attention, fans of spicy deliciousness! The Baron Hotel Heliopolis Cairo is holding an Indian food festival. That’s right, on February 25th, all your favourite dishes – that you butcher the pronunciation of whenever you order them – will be on hand to lure you in with sumptuous aromas and more heat than anyone can handle. We still love it, though, and we’ll be there eating until our eyes melt and all of our taste buds are dead. 
It’s not just food, either. Join the staff of the Baron Hotel and Executive Indian Chef Daulat Singh in a celebration of all things from everyone’s favourite subcontinent. We’ll be stuffed full of samosas, chicken tikka, baingan bharta, and those little fried veggie patties that are perfect for vehicles for chutneys, way before any of the music or dancing starts. 
The cultural commemoration will have plenty of decorations and entertainment to give you an idea of just how awesome the experience of India can be. Experiencing other cultures is great and all, but we’ll just be there to stuff our faces full of rice pudding and mango lassis.
Find out more about the event here.