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Go Yo: Egypt's First Greek Yoghurt Joint

There's finally a Greek yoghurt place opening up in Egypt - yay! Yes, we're excited about Greek yoghurt; that's totally normal. Get excited.

Go Yo claim that they are the first Greek yoghurt place in Egypt, and they might be right - we don't recall seeing the Mediterranean delicacy during our travels through the cities of our fair country. In fact, we mobilised our undercover yoghurt minions to try and dispute Go Yo's claims and they were not able to find any places dedicated to the art of Greek yoghurt at all. They seem to be legit, and might indeed be the first Greek yoghurt place in Egypt.

Greek yoghurt is a sour variation of normal yoghurt, and is much creamier and richer than normal yogurt. So basically, much better. On its own it tastes a bit sour, but it's usually flavoured with fruit, honey, mint, and other tasty additives as per your preference. A staple on supermarket shelves in a lot of countries - especially Greece - it has rarely been made or served in Egypt. Well, that's about to change! At Galleria40 on March 18th, you will be able to enjoy your tasty, healthy, guilt-free dessert - we were sold on tasty.

Check out their Facebook page here.