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Kyriakos Greek Kitchen Opens at Lakeyard

Greek might be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons this week, but one Sahel eatery has it all right...

So you may not be able to drop everything right now and just go to Greece (ahh but wouldn’t it be nice if you could?) but here’s basically the next best thing: Kyriakos Greek Kitchen has opened in Lakeyard at Hacienda Bay. Yeah Greece’s economy may be failing but its food is still going strong! Who doesn’t love themselves a little moussaka? (It’s really just messa2a3a, shhh)

Anyway, located in awesome hub of all things food in Sahel, Lakeyard has been making some serious waves this summer with a medley of food, shopping and entertainment, but they have yet to deliver some great Greek goodies – until now that is. Kyriakos is serving up an array of authentic cuisine from Hercules’ homeland, from Tazatziki Salad to the old favourite that is Greek Salad but with actual Feta cheese from Greece – not from the ba2al down the road. They’ve also got Greek kofta and gyro (which is kind of like shawerma). In fact, most of their primary ingredients have been sourced from the motherland, from their pita bread to their olive oil all the way down to minute details like the spices they use. They’ve even tapped an actual Greek chef, descendant of Zeus obviously, to make the culinary magic happen.

Their food will work a little like an elevated lunch tray, where you can make a selection of, let’s say, lamb kofta, chicken, and homemade French fries or halloumi. Anyways, you’ll have to pop by to see what exactly they have in store for you, but either way, we’ve been sorely lacking in the Greek cuisine department in Egypt and we can’t wait to get a little taste of their culture!

You can check out their Facebook page here.