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Loaded Milkshakes and Expertly-Crafted Coffee Is the Sitch Here

Artisan coffee, loaded milkshakes, mini donuts—the Coffee Maker has crafted the perfect coffee shop experience.

Famous for their decadent Lotus milkshake, the Coffee Maker is a specialty coffee house capturing that cosy European café atmosphere. You may have caught them at Downtown Katameya before in their cute little partition but now they’ve put their big girl pants on and upgraded to a nice little spot in Citystars. It’s chill, laid back but still very chic thanks to its comfy modern design.

Yes, we know there are endless options at the mall, but what makes the Coffee Maker a little special is their attention to detail, hand-crafting exquisite coffee creations like their signature cortado or their line of insane loaded milkshakes that include a toasted marshmallow milkshake. They can also make their drinks non-dairy and keto-friendly for those with special dietary needs. Be on the lookout for their refreshing new summer flavours including their limited edition mango and peach milkshakes.

The Coffee Maker (whoever she may be) boasts a flavour unique only to her with special house-blend beans. Of course, no coffee shop is complete without variety. They also offer Columbian beans as well as premium El Salvador single origin beans. If you’re a coffee aficionado, you know that this is the good stuff. They are also one of the very few local brands that have their own signature blend capsules.

What better to accompany your drink than a sweet treat? The Coffee Maker has a fine repertoire of artisan baked goods, perfect to nibble on while sipping and chatting. They have all the traditional café favorites like croissants, cakes, muffins and their special Nutella donuts. Keep an eye out for their new mini Nutella and Lotus donuts that’ll pop up soon.

Get your coffee fix at one of their branches in Citystars, Downtown Mall or Stella in Sahel.