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Lord of the Wings Unleashes the Hottest Challenge in All of Cairo

We love bragging almost as much as we love hot wings. So, when we heard Lord of the Wings were launching their Hot Wings Challenge, we grabbed our bib and got fired up to earn our spot on their coveted Wall of Flames.

The #PassTheHeat trend has been dominating our social media timelines and looking to capitalise on the global trend is none other than ElMenus and Lord of the Wings who are serving up the hottest challenge in all of Cairo. The call for competitors has attracted the attention of Egyptian food bloggers looking to devour insanely hot wings and share their accomplishment with their followers. Always looking for bragging rights we decided to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty as we took on the delicious, but torturous, Hot Wings Challenge to claim our spot on their coveted Wall of Flames. 

You know wings are seriously hot when you are told you must sign a waiver promising not to hold Lord of the Wings responsible if your tummy can't take the heat. The Hot Wing Challenge officially kicked off on Sunday at the Lord of the Wings' Maadi Branch. Notable Egyptian foodies came out ready to brag, but were quickly forced to eat their words as they failed to eat their eight wings in two minutes. There were many competitors vying for their spot on the Wall of Flame, but almost all went down in flames except for one fire proof belly that managed to take the heat and earn a spot on their wall. 

If you know you can handle the heat and are feeling down that you miss the launch an you're chance to make it on the Wall of Flames, you're still in luck. Although Sunday's heated opener is over, the Lord of the Wings have decided to put the challenge on the menu in all of their restaurants until there's no more available wall space to mount victors. If you and your friends happen to be super-competitive then this is definitely the tastiest way to prove your gastro supremacy in Oum el Donia.

For more information about this challenge visit Lord of the Wings Facebook page or check them out on Instagram @lordofthewingsegypt.