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Maadi's Tilitonse Makes Feel-Good Food (Which You Totes Need)
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Maadi's Tilitonse Makes Feel-Good Food (Which You Totes Need)

What's beetroot crepe and can we have three?

If you like keeping a close eye on what food enters your body (which you totes should btw) and look for options that are vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free, then Tilitonse needs to be on your radar. The word means "we are together" in Chichewa and that's honestly what Tilitonse offers, food that will make you sing “Kumbaya.”

"The food we offer at Tilitonse is all about making sure you get that peace of mind," Onika Malinka, the Malawian Wonder Woman behind the brand, explains. "Our menu is always ever-changing so we make sure that our customers always have something to look forward to and are exposing themselves to new things."

Browsing through the menu, beautiful delicacies such as egg mustard vegetarian rolls seem like the perf thing to pair up with their orange marmalade or dill pesto. This month's menu also offers beetroot crepes, tagliatelle on walnut, and mushroom chickpea wraps.

You can catch Tilitonse (and Malinka) every Friday at Osana's Market from the hours of 11 am to 3 pm for a well-needed dose of positive energy and good calories. If you're not about that leaving-home life, then calling them on +2 0100 560 1310 should suffice. They only deliver in Maadi tho, whoops.