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'Mama’s Food Diary' Showcases Nostalgic Countryside Home Cooking

Her attention to detail speaks to her deep appreciation for every recipe she makes.

On a quest to bring to life her mother’s old recipes back to life, Mariam Jameel, the face behind Mama’s Food Diary, shares with the world all of her mother’s wholesome home cooking. Through an artistic, romanticised lens, Jameel takes her followers through a world of appetising comfort foods, complemented by peaceful water color paintings of all her delicious recipes.

Jameel’s background in food doesn’t include any formal training. In fact, she’s actually a physiotherapist but finds peace and solace in recreating her mother’s beloved recipes straight from her diary. “One day I found my mum's diaries where she keeps all her recipes and all the tips and tricks. I fell in love with that diary and I knew I wanted to share that with the world, Jameel tells #SceneEats. “So I created my Instagram page where I share pages from the diary and recreate the recipes, draw and photograph them in a cozy countryside style and share that with my followers who absolutely loved the idea.”

Her attention to detail speaks to her deep appreciation for every recipe she makes. Every dish gets the special full treatment, with a photoshoot and painting session. It really is like the food is her muse. Jameel has a penchant for comfort food—the type of food that hugs your taste buds and rings of nostalgia.

Her recipes are more inclined toward baking, dazzling her followers with picture-perfect muffins, the fluffiest blueberry pancake and the most tempting pineapple cake. Her appreciation and admiration for all the ingredients she uses shines through with shots of suckle, glistening pineapples and decadent chocolates peppering her page.